(エリン Erin)
Name: Ashley
Japanese Name: エリン Erin
Age: 100+
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pallet Town
Region: Kanto
Class: Trainer
Pokémon Hunter
Team Magma Member
Family: Unknown
Friends: Maxie
Portrayer: Mega Evolution Master


– I want will unleash chaos with The Amethyst of Xerneas!

 – Try and stop me - but you won't have a chance!


Ashley (Japanese: エリン Erin) is a character created by Mega Evolution Master, exclusively for The Amethyst of Xerneas.

Description Edit

Ashley was born in 1890, over two centuries ago. She was raised evil, and hunted Pokémon. Her father told her to find the Amethyst of Xerneas, a legendary amethyst that possesses very strong powers, magnetic properties, and is able to assemble itself and unleash energy beams. She set off to find her destiny - the amethyst. As she did, she took an elixir, which made her live forever - but look young. Once years and a century passed by, she joined one of the evil teams of Hoenn, known as Team Magma. Will she find the amethyst and control the world?


Ashley currently has one Pokémon.

In RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Ashley was only a toddler when she met Mismagius as a Misdreavus, as it protected and befriended her along her life. When Ashley grew older, she captured Misdreavus. They became best friends as they became very evil, embarking on loads of adventures. Misdreavus is now a Mismagius - being more powerful than ever!
Misdreavus → Mismagius