No interaction Clover is currently inactive and cannot roleplay until further notice.
(クローバー Clover)
Name: Clover
Japanese Name: クローバー Clover
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Hometown: Hearthome City
Region: Sinnoh
Class: Trainer
Family: Unknown
Friends: None yet
Portrayer: Spottedpool599


– I will always train my hardest!

 – I will always care for my Pokémon!


Clover (Japanese: クローバー Clover) is a character created by Spottedpool599.

Description Edit

Often hyper and excited, Clover isn't too good at training her Pokémon or battling with them, but she loves all of them.


Clover currently has three Pokémon.

In RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Amber was Clover's first Pokémon. Her mother gave it to her, along with a Pokédex and a few Poké Balls. She vowed to always look after Amber and travel the world with her. She someday wants Amber to evolve into a Flareon or an Espeon.
Pokémon Information
After Clover was given Amber, she went out to try battling with her. She was walking along and found an young abandoned Shinx. She picked up the Shinx and walked back to the Pokémon Center to make sure the Shinx was okay. It was, just needing some calming medicine. Afterwards, the Shinx happily agreed to join Clover where she nicknamed it Spark.
Pokémon Information
While on a trip to Unova, she found a tiny Azurill who gladly joined her on her journey. However, Splash is quite headstrong and arrogant - and Clover is still working to have a better friendship with him.

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