No interaction Cobra is currently inactive and cannot roleplay until further notice.
( Isao)
Pokemon guy
Name: Cobra
Japanese Name: Isao
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Snowpoint City
Region: Sinnoh
Class: Trainer
Family: Alyssa
Friends: Anyone he meets
Portrayer: DeCobra69

Pokemon guy

– My goal is to become a Pokémon Ranger!

 – I want to help people all around the world!


Cobra (Japanese: Isao) is a character created by DeCobra69.

Description Edit

When Cobra was young, he discovered the great feeling in laughing, but grew up with only his sister. Everyone loved to spend time with him at his school. He hopes to become a Pokémon Ranger one day and help everyone all around the world.


Cobra currently has one Pokémon.

In RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Cobra has had Staraptor since it was a Starly. When Cobra was younger, he captured it after Starly was being kidnapped by Team Galactic. He saved him, becoming life long friends.
Starly → Staravia → Staraptor