輝男 Teruo)
Name: Johnny
Japanese Name:' 輝男 Teruo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hometown: Aspertia City
Region: Unova
Class: Trainer
Family: Ellie
Friends: Phoenix
Portrayer: Mega Evolution Master


– I want to become the world's strongest Coordinator!

 – I will participate in every contest held in the Unova region and beyond!


Johnny (Japanese: 輝男 Teruo) is a character created by Mega Evolution Master.

Description Edit

Johnny is a young boy from Aspertia City, who lives with his parents. He received his first Pokémon, a Tepig, when he was ten years old. It was his starter Pokémon he got from Professor Juniper, which later became his best friend. He has always dreamed of competing in contests and becoming a Coordinator. He evolved his Tepig into a Pignite, where they became more powerful, as a Pokémon and as a Trainer.


Johnny currently has six Pokémon.

In RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Johnny first met Pignite as a Tepig when he was ten years old, chosen to be his starter Pokémon. They became best friends for life, competing in contests and winning the Johto League whilst they were in the Johto region. It evolved into a Pignite, surprising Johnny. It relies on its Trainer very much with trust and love.
Tepig → Pignite
Pokémon Information
Herdier was Johnny's first Pokémon he ever caught. As a Lillipup, it refused to do contests with Johnny and didn't like competing, until it watched it's Trainer battling with Tepig, which later changed its mind. Afterwards, it appeared in contests with Johnny, surprisingly showing its true potential. To show gratitude towards its Trainer, it evolved into Herdier during a contest, impressing the audience.
Lillipup → Herdier
Pokémon Information
Johnny was given Roserade as a Budew from his father as a present on Johnny's eleventh birthday. They trained from day to day. It later evolved into a Roselia. When Johnny was in the Johto region battling Whitney the Gym Leader, he had trouble defeating Whitney's Miltank, so Johnny decided to give Roselia a boost by evolving it into a Roserade with a Shiny Stone.
Budew → Roselia → Roserade
Pokémon Information
When Johnny was in Johto, he met Professor Elm, a Pokémon Professor. He was impressed by Johnny's Pokémon, so he decided to give him a Totodile. Johnny became best friends with the Totodile. It regularly competes in contests.
Pokémon Information
When Johnny went to Sinnoh, he came across a greedy Pachirisu, stealing many foods from his picnic. He battled the Electric-type, capturing it. It now loves competing in contests with Johnny, but still eats a lot!
Pokémon Information
Johnny traded his Oshawott for Phoenix's Butterfree because it was interested in contests more than Oshawott. It soon competed in contests. It is Johnny's main contest Pokémon where it has mostly taken its Trainer through his journey to become a Coordinator.

Traded AwayEdit

Pokémon Information
Johnny met this Oshawott at Floccesy Ranch, becoming good friends. It competed in contests with Johnny, but later got tired, refusing to take part in them. Johnny soon traded Oshawott for Phoenix's Butterfree.