(麻弓 Mayumi)
Olivia and Damian
Name: Olivia
Japanese Name: 麻弓 Mayumi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Hometown: Accumula Town
Region: Unova
Class: Team Plasma Grunt
Family: Unknown
Friends: Damian
Portrayer: Primal Kyogre

Olivia and Damian

– Everyone shall suffer!

 – I will beat everyone in the Pokémon universe!


Olivia (Japanese: 麻弓 Mayumi) is a character created by Primal Kyogre.


Olivia was born and raised in Accumula Town. Her parents died when she was only one, so she was an orphan girl. Afterwards, she was found by Ghetsis, boss of Team Plasma. Luckily, she was raised by him, later becoming a Team Plasma member when she grew older. She is extremely hot-headed and is always blood-thirsty for a battle. You better watch out!


Olivia currently has one Pokémon in rotation.

In RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Olivia met Inkay in Santalune Forest in Kalos as an abandoned Pokémon. Being very hurt, Olivia soon made it feel better by using one of Colress's machines he built before he was banished. Inkay thanked Olivia, soon following her and helping her if Trainers came to challenge her. Olivia captured Inkay, where they became best friends, becoming her partner in Kalos.

At Team Plasma's HeadquartersEdit

Pokémon Information
Olivia first met Liepard as a Purrloin when it was abandoned in a warehouse when she was eleven. She raised it and they quickly became friends, becoming Olivia's partner Pokémon. It later evolved into a Liepard. They haven't been separated since. She uses Liepard as her 'tool' in battling.
Purrloin → Liepard
Pokémon Information
Olivia traded her dumb Ursaring for a young boy's cute Azurill. Olivia quickly became friends with Azurill. They gained a friendship, soon evolving into Marill. It later evolved into Azumarill.
Azurill → Marill → Azumarill
Pokémon Information
Olivia met Unown in a cave while in Johto where she captured it. It never really battles, but it helps her in Team Plasma Training.
Pokémon Information
Olivia found Rattata in Castelia Sewers. Surprisingly powerful for such a small Pokémon, it relies on its Trainer. The Normal-type soon evolved into Raticate to impress her.
Rattata → Raticate
Pokémon Information
Olivia received an egg from Colress as a gift on her fifteenth birthday. It hatched into a Slugma, but it wasn't so slouchy like usual ones. In fact, it was very hyper, much to Olivia's surprise. It became very powerful, finally evolving into Magcargo.
Egg → Slugma → Magcargo
Pokémon Information
Olivia found Scyther in Pinwheel Forest. Very hurt, Olivia helped it where they became friends. It is extremely good in battling and can swipe anything with it's gigantic claws!

Traded AwayEdit

Pokémon Information
Olivia caught Teddiursa while she was in Sinnoh. They became friends, but it was extremely dumb and didn't listen to Olivia in battle. Teddiursa soon evolved into Ursaring. She got annoyed with it, so she traded the Normal-type for a young boy's Azurill.
Teddiursa → Ursaring