( Aoi)
Name: Phoenix
Japanese Name: Aoi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hometown: Humilau City
Region: Unova
Class: Trainer
Family: Alicia
Friends: Blaze (Girlfriend)
Sebastian (Best friend)
Portrayer: Primal Kyogre


– I want to become the strongest Gym Leader, as well as battle every Trainer in the Pokémon world!

 – I will never let down my Pokémon!


Phoenix (Japanese: Aoi) is a character created by Primal Kyogre.

Description Edit

Phoenix grew up in Humilau City. He found a love for Water-type Pokémon while living in a small cottage next to the ocean. Since his mother disappeared and his father died, he has been raised by his big sister named Alicia since he was six. When he was ten, he received a Pokémon Egg from the Pokémon Day Care Center. It hatched into a male Eevee - becoming his life long best friend! Now, Phoenix has a dream to become a Gym Leader and battle every single Trainer in the Pokémon world.


Phoenix currently has six Pokémon.

In RotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Eevee was Phoenix's first ever Pokémon. He received an Egg from the Pokémon Day Care Center, later hatching into his life long best friend. Eevee was first frightened of Phoenix since it was only hatched, but they later became two best friends that the world could not separate. Eevee cares very much for his owner.
Egg → Eevee
Pokémon Information
Phoenix met Treecko in Pinwheel Forest where its home was destroyed by a bunch of wild Scolipede. Phoenix saved it, becoming life long friends. They haven't been separated since.
Pokémon Information
One day, Phoenix traded his Butterfree for his friend's Oshawott. The Pokémon he received back, Oshawott, was scared of Phoenix and sad that it's former owner traded it and didn't understand why. But quickly he became friends with Phoenix, being unbeatable to every trainer. It evolved into a trusty Dewott, then into the most powerful Samurott. It is one of Phoenix's most unbeatable Pokémon.
Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
Pokémon Information
Phoenix found this Charizard weak as a Charmander, abandoned in Viridian Forest while on vacation in the Kanto region. He looked after it and brought it back to Unova, where they quickly became best friends. It evolved into a Charmeleon, then finally reached it's final stage - Charizard. Very powerful, it can even take down Mewtwo!
Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard
Pokémon Information
Phoenix first met Togepi when a Wynaut stole food from a Pokémon market to give to Togepi in the sewers. It was shown that the Togepi was injured and weak, so Phoenix and Sebastian agreed to help Wynaut take care of Togepi. Phoenix and Togepi gained a close bond. It was revealed that Team Plasma hurt it, so Phoenix battled Team Plasma Grunt Olivia. He won the battle, with Togepi thanking him. It later went with Phoenix, being captured while Wynaut was captured too (accidentally) by Sebastian.
Pokémon Information
Phoenix came across a clumsy Azurill while in Kalos. It was glutton too, taking food from his picnic. Eventually after awhile, Phoenix ran after the Normal/Fairy Pokémon, challenging it to a battle. It was surprisingly swift for a small baby Pokémon, but it was soon captured. It relies on its Trainer very much, although it still eats all of the food!

At Professor Juniper's LabEdit

Pokémon Information
Phoenix won a Croagunk at a festival in Nacrene City. A Trainer was giving his Croagunk away in a game of Pokémon bowling. Phoenix decided to leave his Croagunk with Professor Juniper when he captured Togepi.
Pokémon Information
Phoenix first met Articuno while he was in Seafoam Islands in Kanto. He found it weak after battling Legendary Mewtwo. He became friends with it and cared for it. After months of being with Phoenix, Articuno was set to return to the wild, but he decided to stay with Phoenix. Since then, they've been best friends and is one of Phoenix's powerful Pokémon. When Phoenix captured Azurill, he decided to send Articuno to Professor Juniper.

Traded awayEdit

Pokémon Information
Phoenix captured this Butterfree as a Caterpie while on vacation in the Kanto region. They became friends, but Caterpie didn't listen to Phoenix's commands in battles. It evolved into a Metapod, then a Butterfree. It still didn't listen, so Phoenix traded it for his friend's Oshawott.
Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree

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