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Character CreationEdit

Name: Sebastian

Age: 14

Region (where they come from): Kanto

Family: Luke and Stephan

Friends: Pheonix and Liam, Alice

Personality: Loyal, funny, bold, caring, Intelligent, out going, strong, slightly evil, protects his friends to the end, loves his music

Th (2)


Pokémon: Raichu, Mewtwo, Infernape,Blastoise, Torterra, Lugia. With the professor, Entei, Blaziken, Zekrom, HitmonLee, Gigalith, Darkrai, Jolteon, Steelix, Electrivire, Ho-Oh, Gengar

Description: Born on the 12th of June, 1998.  Sebastian lived alone with his family in the woods near a beach.  He visited the city often to visit his friends and play.  He got his first pokemon, a pikachu now a Raichu, when he found a pokeball accidently left on the ground. After this he became a pokemon trainer and aims to defeat the greatest trainer that ever lived, Red. 

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(talk) 20:31, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

Name: Zoey

Japan name:?????

Age: 15

Regien: jOHTO

Family:  Olivine City, Johto

Appearance: Wears very bright colors and with a big bag for items

Personality: Fun, never gives up, Always heals her pokemon when they are hurt, always looks at the bright of people, and just make someone else smile!

Pokemon:  SHINY Lapras, Dragonite, Espeon,  a Charmender she's training, Nindoking, and Rapidash

Description:  Born on April, 1996, her first pokemon was her Lapras.So lucky it was a shiny Lapras. She lived on a beachy area, so it had surf. She loved it so much she wanted more pokemon. Her father went and caught a Dratini, eevee, a nindoran, and a ponyta. She has trained ever since. She recently got the charmnader. Her goal is to win every single battle against the strongest of trainers and be the champion. She even wants to be the champion of all the regiens!

By Garintina the Devil

Approved :) -- EeveeLizardMaster178Talk!Eevee (talk) 20:40, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Character CreationEdit

Name: Liam

Age: 17


Region (where they come from): New Bark Town, Johto

Family: Mark and Fiona

Friends: Anyone

Personality: Shy, Funny, Outgoing, Likes to hang out with Pokémon, Caring

'Appearance: DA PICTURE 'à 

Pokémon: Eevee, Pikachu, Shaymin (Sky Form)

Description: Born on 19th of February, 1996. Liam grew up in a small Country town were there where very few kids his age. Liam received Eevee his very first Pokémon when he was only ten years old, before setting of on his journey to became the strongest trainer the world has ever seen. Liam then caught his very first Pokémon (A Pikachu) Liam aims to challenge each gym and Pokémon league in each region.

Enigmatic Brony (talk) 12:08, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

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Character CreationEdit

Name: Lucille

Age: 13

Region (where they come from): Mahogany Town, Johto

Family: Tommy

Friends: None so far

Personality: A bit reclusive, is shy, and doesn't have many friends.  She didn't have anyone to play with as a child, so her pokemon are her best friends. 

Appearance: Medium-longish wavy dark blonde hair, wide brown eyes, skinny.

'Pokémon: Blaze (Typhlosion), Celebi, Bubbles'(Vaporeon)

Description: Very intelligent, she was chosen to get a starter pokemon and was given a strange egg.  She loves her pokemon, Blaze very much, and one day this egg hatched into a Celebi.  Along her journey to beat all the gyms, she obtained an Eevee and she used a water stone on her.  She obtained 8 gym badges and challenged the Elite 4.  Even though her pokemon were overleveled, she got crushed.  She retreated to Mt. Silver to train until she could one day defeat Lance and become the champion of Johto.

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(talk) 21:36, April 28, 2013 (UTC)

Character CreationEdit

Name: alice 


Region (where they come from): lavander town 


'''Friends: S'ebastian (boyfriend)                                                                                                                              ''''Personality: a player and a little evil, but once you get to know her she's very nice she a nice girl.

Appearance:black hair, hazle eyes, skinny 


'Description:she's a orphan Alice ran away from the orphange  after that she tripped over a pokeball and thats how she got her pokemon (Eevee) later on she met somebody named Sebastian and they became lovers.
Th (94)


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Character CreationEdit

Name: Blaze

Name in Japanese: 炎 Honou

Age: 16

Region: Johto

Family: None

Images (42)


Friends: None

Personality: Dark, is a woman of very few words. She shuts out the world in order to complete her tasks. Hints affection towards her Pokemon.

Appearance: Long, blood-red hair, fiery red eyes, skinny, wears a black cloak

Pokemon: Typhlosion, Ninetails, Flareon

Description: As a child, she was abandoned. She struggled to get food and keep warm. One day, a run-away Cyndaquil found her and decided to help her out. Now, she has a liking for fire-type Pokemon and she searches for a purpose, to capture the ultimate fire type, and her parents.

RyleethePegasis RainbowDash_gif.gif 22:56, May 18, 2013 (UTC) 

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Character CreationEdit

Name: Heather

Age: 13

Region (where they come from): Johto

Family: Unknown

Friends: Everyone

Personality: Friendly, cheerful, adventurous, curious.

Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, short, dresses very modestly

Pokémon: Mudkip, Pikachu, Eevee, Mew.

Description: A bit of a country girl, loves to make friends, and likes to laugh and have fun.

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Character CreationEdit


Age: 15

Region (where they come from): Sinnoh

Family: Sister: Alyssa, Parents: Unknown

Friends: Everyone he meets.

Personality: Loves to have fun, makes everyone laugh, very serious when needed.

Appearance: Shortish, skinny, short black hair.

Pokémon: Staraptor.

Description: When he was young he discovered the great feeling in laughing, but grew up with only his sister. Everyone loved to spend time with him at his school. He hopes to become a Pokemon Ranger and help everyone all around the world.


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(talk) 12:21, May 29, 2013 (UTC)


Name: Cinder

Japanese Name: Nooooo idea XD

Age: 10, new Trainer

Region: Kanto (since Kanto is awesome :3)

Family: Unnamed overprotective mother (IDK)

Friends: None yet (Forever alone)

Personality: Friendly, quiet, gives into stuff too easily.

Appearance: That picture is what she looks like XD

Pokemon: Eevee (starter)

Description/History: Uuh... Got Eevee as Starter from Prof. Oak, I guess. XD Still lves in Pallett (however you spell it) because of unnamed overprotective mother.

{{SUBST:User:Eeveestar/Sig}} 19:05, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

Accepted! :) -- LizardMaster178Talk! (talk) 19:09, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

Character CreationEdit

Name: Kim

Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese): キム

Age: 16

Region (where they come from): Kanto

Family: A father, and a younger brother

Friends: Not very many, so it is unknown at the moment XD

Personality: Quiet, awkward when around other people, but intelligent

Appearance: Tall, with buzz-cut black hair, brown eyes.

Pokémon: Machoke, Absol and Kadabra

Description: He had lots of experience with Pokemon, from working at Pokemon Centers, and finally caught pokemon, and became a trainer.

Would you like fries with that? 20:38, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

Approved! -- LizardMaster178Talk! (talk) 20:41, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

Character CreationEdit

Name: Yuri

Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese): ゆり

Age: 13

Region (where they come from): Kalos :3

Family: A mother, a younger sister and a older sister

Friends: None yet I guess

Personality:  Competitive from time to time, loyal, selfish (sometimes), won't stop until she reaches a goal she has set.

Appearance: Long chestnut brown hair with dark brown eyes.

Pokémon: Eevee, Vulpix

Description: She grew up around a Pokemon Center and eventually learned how to become a trainer.

Fuzzyness of  Murder Doom 20:58, July 30, 2013 (UTC)


Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese):クローバー (Used google translate, can't be sure)


Region (where they come from):Sinnoh (For the win)

Family:Doesn't matter

Friends:None yet, she just started her journey

Personality:Often hyper and excited. She isn't too good at training up her Pokemon or battling with them, but she loves all of them.

Appearance: Shoulder-leangth brown hair with natural blonde streaks and a died green streak. Brown eyes. Likes wearing brightly coloured clothes and carries a bright green backpack.

Pokémon:An eevee her mom gave her that she named Amber, and a shinx she caught that she named Spark.

Description:I did personality and appearance. What more description is there? ♣Clover♣ *Spark*~Amber~ むらのある 18:17, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Approved :) -- LizardMaster178Talk! (talk) 18:36, August 4, 2013 (UTC)


Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese):日食

Age: 12

Region (where they come from): Johto

Family: Doesn't matter XD

Friends: none

Personality: Often depressed, outcast, mysterious

Appearance: Long black hair that spikes up in the back, and odd yellow eyes. Dresses in a combination of gray, black, that colour in between those two, and yellow. Carries a gray-and-black bookbag. (picture soon)

Pokémon: Male Absol named Moon. Female Umbreon named Glow. Female Lapras named Luna. ~**~** Name:Cinnamon

Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese):シナモン


Region (where they come from):Kalos

Family:Doesn't matter XD

Friends:unknown as of yet

Personality:Aspiring fire type specialist. Helpful, and shows promise in battle skills. She's sometimes shy around strangers though.

Appearance:Short, spiky reddish-brown hair. Dark blue eyes. Likes wearing red, yellow, and most of all orange.

Pokémon:Fennekin, Growlithe.

Okay I gots pictures now: Ta~daaaa~!

♣Clover♣ *Spark*~Amber~ むらのある 21:01, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Approved both! Remember do the description next time :) -- EeveeLizardMaster178Talk!Eevee (talk) 10:26, August 5, 2013 (UTC)


Name: Silver

Japanese Name: シルバー Silver

Age: 15

Region and hometown (where they come from):Goldenrod City, Johto

Family:Giovanni (father)

Friends:None, because he is a jerkface. .3.

Personality:Intelligent, but is a jerk...face. Hates losing, and is intent on rematches to be able to win. Is selfish.

Appearance (must include picture):Link at the bottom.

Pokémon:Houndoom, Feraligatr, Gengar

Description:Pokemon Trainer

Can't get picture in. Link --> [1]

--{{SUBST:User:Eeveestar/Sig}} 19:42, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

Approved -- EeveeLizardMaster178Talk!Eevee (talk) 18:45, August 7, 2013 (UTC)



Age: 12

Where they come from: Lavender Town, Kanto

Family: Unknown, they all died.

Friends: None - All dead...

Personality: Competitive. Intellegent.

Pokemon: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee.

Appearance: [2]

Description: Pokemon Trainer

~After, my signiture's broken.

I'm sorry, but I cannot accept this character since its image is an image of an existing Pokémon character. -- LizardMaster178Talk!Eevee 16:30, October 24, 2013 (UTC) _______________________________________________


Age: 16

Region and hometown (where they come from): Mahogany Town, Johto


Friends: None yet

Personality: Very Competitive, Shy, Incredibly clumsy, keeps to herself.

Pokemon: Pikachu, Absol, Snorlax

Images (1)beed

Description: Abandoned by parents and found by a Snorlax, who almost stepped on her in its adorable sleepy state, found her and took her into Mahogany town, Where she was taken care of by a hospitable old woman. However, the Snorlax wouldn't leave Momo. When she was ten she was given a Pikachu and a mysterious Egg, which is now her Absol.

DERP DERP DERP DERP Oh hai :3, Im Floatie 20:56, September 22, 2013 (UTC)

Approved! -- LizardMaster178Talk!Eevee 16:30, October 24, 2013 (UTC)


Name: Shade

Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese): (Hopefully, Google Translate gets this right) シェード Shēdo

Age: 13

Region and hometown (where they come from): Snowbelle City, Kalos

Family: Azure (sister)

Friends: I dunnooooo

Personality: Friendly, determined, and strong at battling.

Appearance (must include picture): The picture over there --------

Pokémon: Braixen (male), Pyroar (female), Meowstic (male) *they all have nicknames*

Description: N/A *Might put it soon*

And I'll make Azure later. :P

-- Face the wrath of Noivern. 17:33, October 26, 2013 (UTC)

Character CreationEdit

Name: Bernadette

Japanese Name (what their name is in Japanese): Bānadetto バーナデット

Age: 16

Region and hometown (where they come from): Lumiose City, Kalos

Family: Mom and Dad

Friends: TBA

Personality: Sassy, yet very cheerful

Appearance (must include picture): What the picture looks like.

The character

Pokémon: Clefable, Growlthie, Dratini

Description: Being born and raised in Lumiose City, she speaks French with a heavy accent and has a thing for fashion. She loves cute Pokemon and hopes to become the greatest Pokemon coordinator there ever was.


Name: Azure

Japanese Name: 紺碧 Konpeki

Age: 11

Region and hometown (where they come from): Snowbelle City, Kalos

Family: Shade (brother)

Friends: Tba

Personality: Sweet, caring, and kind. Prefers Pokemon Contests over battles.

Appearance (must include picture): -----
Derpity derp

Pokémon: Sylveon (female)


Face the wrath of Noivern. 18:24, October 26, 2013 (UTC)

All accepted, I guess. x3 Face the wrath of Noivern. 18:26, October 26, 2013 (UTC)


Name: Percy

Japanese: パーシー Pāshī

Age: 15

Region and home town: Kalos, Ambrette Town

Family: unknown

Friends: Zoey

Personality: sarcastic, bit of a joker, very competitive.

Appearance: le picture

Pokemon: Dragonair, Lapras, Blastiose, Feraligator, Zoroark, and Lucario

Description: Born on 1997, he has always interested in oceans and such. Which is why he has water-related Pokemon. Most of them, he caught. He got Feraligator, Blastiose, and Zoroark from people he has met.

The fire-type enthusiastic!

Approved ;D --The Lizard King WILL RULE YOU! 15:25, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

Name: Cat

Japanese Name: TBA

Age: 12

Region and Hometown: Kalos, Vaniville Town.

Pokémon: Blastoise, Togekiss, Krookodile, Lucario, Wobbuffet, Goodra.

Family: TBA.

Friends: TBA.

Appearance: TBA.

Personality: TBA.


Name: Oro

Japanese Name:オーロ (Oro)

Age: 15

Region and Hometown: Kanto, Pallet Town

Pokémon: His best friends Cubone and Squirtle (both male)

Family: Mom and Arcanine

Friends: His Pokémon

Apperance: Normal Height, Caucaisian, Always has his headphones, beanie and his lucky sweater.
Anime guy2


Personality: Oro is a caring and shy guy, and he's never had any friends other than his Pokémon. He wants to make new friends who will accept him for who he is, and he wants to have fun!


Approved! --{{SUBST:User:Lizard13/Sig}} 16:39, May 9, 2014 (UTC)