Get Started Guide

Welcome to the Pokémon Roleplaying World Wiki!

If you have any suggestions, queries, requests or other ideas, please feel free to make them heard here.

Creating Characters

To create a character, you will need to go to the Character Creation page.

Fill in the information, and await for an admin or rollback to approve your character.

When your character has been approved, you may create a page for them.

Character pages should have a few things on them.

  1. An infobox. (Infobox character)
  2. A description section
  3. A Pokémon list section
  4. An appearance section (optional)
  5. A trivia section (optional)

Here is an example.

Word Bubble

Your character will also need a "Word Bubble" in order to speak to the other characters. To create a word bubble for your character, create a template page and call it "Template:<name>Speech".

Then you need to copy and paste this

{{Word Bubble
|image = Image.jpg or Image.png (no File: or brackets.)
|color = color name or #codeno for top half
|charname = decorative display of name
|charpage = the character's page name
|textcolor = color name or #codeno of text for top half
|fonttype = type of font
|address = address
|title = occupation
|saying = character's motto or song lyrics
|color2 = color name or #HEXcode for bottom half
|line = color name or #HEXcode for dividing line
|textcolor2 = color name or #HEXcode of text for bottom half
|text = {{{1}}}}}

Then, head over to the roleplaying board and you can start your own roleplay or join an existing one. When you use this in a roleplay, you need to type {{<name>Speech|Your message.}}

Administration Team Requests

Yet again, this is an issue that belongs in the Suggestion Box. Administration rights will be given out based on user abilities, including editing, availability, linguistic abilities, managing issues, interface with other users and maturity level. It will not depend upon ranking and amount of edits.

If you have a previous history of poor behavior on other wikis, you may not be considered.

Sourcing Copied Material

Any coding or templates that is not created explicitly by the user who publishes it here, will need to be sourced. You can do this by typing "Sourced from: <wikiname> Wiki" or "Sourced from <link>" in the edit summary.

All users must follow these conditions for editing.


Members of the administration team reserve the right to govern punishments based upon common sense, so long as the punishment is fitting to the act being punished.

Other policies can be found here.