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This was written by Irishninja0.

This page dictates the rules and guidelines for roleplaying and basic interaction on this wiki. We expect that you read these and understand them thoroughly for the best experience on the wiki.

1. When roleplaying, two characters are allowed to date. However, this requires special permission from the Admins, and if you do get permission, no sexual actions allowed. Kissing is fine, but only if story line driven but is not allowed outside of that (this means no kissing in the RP).

2. When battling in the RP, you must use real Pokémon stats, strengths, weaknesses, etc, to dictate the outcome of a battle.

Example: A Venusaur is battling an Blastoise.

Now base this on who would win in the real game. Grass-types beat water, so if a Grass-type move is used on a Water-type, it will be super effective. Or if its the other way around, and the Water-type attacks the Grass-type, it won't be very effective because water moves are not effective against Grass-types. If we catch you cheating, you will be banned from battling.

3. You have a limit as to how many critical hits, dodges, and misses you can have. The max limit for one battle is six each, so use it wisely.  

4. You can only have a certain amount of Legendaries. Even then you must have special permission to have one, there is only one of each, so you better hope that you can. You must apply to have one. Give us reasons why we should allow you to own a Legendary Pokémon at an administrator's talk page. If you show signs of abuse when using this Pokémon, your rights to it will be taken away and you will not be allowed to use one until further notice.

5. You can only start off with a certain amount of Pokémon when you first create a character, the limit being three when you first start.

6. If you want to add a new Pokémon to your collection, you must ask permission of an admin and they can decide if you are allowed to have a new Pokémon or not. In order to have the best chance of getting a positive response, ask for a bit more lower evolved Pokémon, like instead of asking for a Jolteon, ask for an Eevee and evolve it naturally.

7. Evolving your Pokémon takes time. Once we have seen the progress you have made with your Pokémon (aka the roleplaying forums), then an administrator will leave a message on your talk page, saying that your Pokémon will be able to evolve.

8. DO NOT CUSS! It could affect the other roleplayers as such, but you are allowed to say stupid, idiot, crap, piss, etc. Only exceptions.

If you have anymore questions, ask either Lizard13 or Irishninja0.